tiny potatoes with furikake

posted on: Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I like to refer to them as batatinhas (baby potatoes)  in Portuguese.
I also call baby Maria batatinha
maybe that's why I like them so much.

Trader Joe's calls them teeny tiny potatoes, which is cute too. You cal all them whatever you like, as long as you agree that delicious is their middle name.

Tiny potatoes are small round yellow potatoes that have a very soft skin and a buttery flesh. I grew up eating tiny potatoes. My grandma makes it to accompany quail eggs. She seasons both with olive oil and salt and we much on them throughout the afternoon. Good times.

I spotted tiny potatoes at Trader Joe's about 3 months ago and have been buying them regularly. I rinse them off than cook them in a pot of boiling water until they're soft, maybe 10 minutes. enzo doesn't like potatoes unless they're fried. Boo. Baby Maria, on the other hand likes these a lot. They fit perfectly on the palm of her little hands and the skin is so soft I'm not worried about it being a chocking hazard.

Recently, I've been experimenting with different seasonings. JFC - Nori Fumi Furikake (Rice Seasoning) 1.7 Oz. is the best. It's salty and a bit crunchy so it gives the potatoes a fun texture. 

As soon as I drain the potatoes I lay them on a large plate and spread butter on top. The butter melts quickly and helps make the furikake stick. 

Then I eat.


  1. I just cooked these last night! But I roasted them instead with a bunch of other summer vegetables and then put them on a sheet of puff pastry with cheese, delish!!
    xo tash

  2. Yum! As did the chirpy bird, I recently made some of these TJ's teeny tiny potatoes. I tossed them with olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper and roasted them. Divine and so simple.

  3. Next time I make teeny tiny potatoes I am going to roast them. You two make it sound so good.

  4. Cheers to the tiny potato! Love it.

  5. this is so my kind of recipe, looks delicious!

  6. Teeny tiny taters. That is a cute name for them. Is it still cute if you eat the whole bag? Yum.

  7. I've recently seen these tiny potatoes in red, blue, and yellow varieties. So cute!


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