baby's first bento

posted on: Friday, August 13, 2010

and first exposure to Engrish
(It's o.k baby bear, my grammar is nothing to boast about either!)

Baby Maria got bento-ed today. 
Because we were in a hurry. 
Because she was taking a nap when Enzo and I were having lunch. 
Because Enzo could not wait one second longer to get to the pool. 
So I packed her a baby lunch and made her first bento to take with us to open swim.

If you're familiar with bentos, Baby Maria's lunch will be totally underwhelming to you. Keep in mind that she is 10 months old and only has 3 teeth so everything has to be kindda plain and kindda small. 

tiny quesadilla triangles
very soft pieces of chicken
small pieces of strawberry
small pieces of cantaloupe

She thought everything was very delicious. 
She told me so herself, in plain Engrish.


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