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posted on: Friday, August 13, 2010

This kind of thing is totally what I ask Christian to buy me for Christmas. I'm a list and a menu planner maker. I have notebooks where I write out my weekly menus and I spend a good hour making shopping lists and organizing it according to which supermarket (costco, whole foods, trader joes, new leaf, safeway, etc) I am going to buy it from and where it's located inside the supermarket.

I'm so anal about lists and meal organizing you'd think my whole life was one big organized... life. Nope. Hardly, actually. My lists are all over the place. I start one notebook than misplace it and start another. It's o.k though, the process is fun.

These notepads are everything I've ever wanted in a notepad. They're practical and good looking and available in pretty colors. I

Modernemotive is a fabulous little shop with fabulous prints, not just food related prints, but ALSO food related, which is why I'm smitten with them. They are also kind and generous and are offering my readers  a 15% discount until Tuesday August 17th NOON EST on all of their items. Just enter the coupon code "kitchencorners" at checkout. Make sure to contact the seller before hand if you have multiple items you want to ship to the same address so as to combine the cost of your shipping.

Kitchen Problem: lack of organization
solution: modernemotive notepads
fun: enter coupon code "kitchencorners" for 15% off
date ends: Tuesday August 17 NOON EST

Go forth and plan!


Other things that caught my eyes this week:

The food photography on this blog, heck the whole blog, is simple and intimate and I'm loving catching up on all her posts.

It's great when food bloggers get involved with their communities and promote social change.

Christian makes killer sandwiches. I'm encouraging him to enter this contest.  HELL-O $25,000!

The NY times post A Breastfeeding-Guru Who Uses Formula soothed my soul. Did I tell you that baby Maria hasn't had one drop of breast milk for the last 6 days? More on that next week.

For now I'm planning on catching up on some much needed sleep.
Have a lovely restful weekend.


  1. So great that you posted about Adele's notepads. Have had her "Stuff to buy" for a few weeks now and use it every Sunday for our weekly grocery trip. Not only does it keep us and our menu organized, but it also saves us some money too, we only end up buying what we need! Love them!

  2. Thanks Michelle,
    I can't wait to get mine in the mail.

  3. Thanks for such a lovely feature Damaris. Lovely to see my notepads on your beautiful blog.

  4. What I need is a notebook with a magical magnet that allows me to take it to the store, but upon return to the house slurps it out of my purse or grocery sack and back to the fridge. I make lists - of meals and food I want to buy - and then lose them in the depths of my handbag.

  5. Hi there, just popping by to say a big big thankyou, I am absolutely thrilled to have won your Keep Calm giveaway. I will respond to your email.

    I love notepads so these you have featured today look very tempting.

    Have a great weekend.


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