fish wrapped in bacon

posted on: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I feed my family fat so that if we go down
we all go down together

Except for baby Maria who is one month short of her first birthday. Let's keep her litte heart un-clogged at least till then. Instead of the fish wrapped in bacon she had fish steamed with green beans; no salt no butter. Don't feel too bad for her though, she can make a party out of anything. 

As for the rest of us bacon-eating-people, we savored the grease to our heart's content. It even tasted good with mozzarella and honeydew. High-five for skewers!

But hold that thought.

Don't think about the skewers just yet. Focus on the fish. This will take you tops 15 minutes to make. Wrap bacon around fish and broil for 10 minutes. In recipe terms...

Fish Wrapped in Bacon
yields 8 medium sized pieces- serves 2
  • 2 large fillets of talapia cut in fourths. You need to have 8 pieces total.
  • 8 strips of bacon
  1. Turn oven to broil
  2. Raise oven rack so that it's 3 inches away from the broil
  3. wrap a slice of bacon around each piece of fish and place on a cookie sheet that has sides so the grease won't drip.
  4. Broil for 8-10 minutes
  5. Remove and serve warm.
The broiler is like that high school friend you once had. You were tight but you always had to watch your back because the moment you forgot about her she back stabbed you big time.

I've been back stabbed by the broiler many-a-times. Once in Hawaii making garlic bread and then 10 times again after that, making garlic bread. Basically the broiler will cook your food very fast so just stay close and watch for it. One minute it's raw and the nest it's burnt. Stay on the safe side and boil for less time than you need to then turn off your oven and lower the fish to the middle rack just so it stays warm.

Really, you can't mess this up.

and if you want you can even cut the pieces in half, throw in some honeydew, some fresh mozzarella, and put it on a skewer.

Now you can give me that high-five.

post-edit: just to be clear the melon and cheese does not go in the broiler. the end.
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