star wars lunch box

posted on: Friday, August 27, 2010

The ship has landed.
Actually, it was just the UPS truck
but it brought THIS

This, my friend, is a vintage style Star Wars lunch box, and if that wasn't enough it has sandwich cutters inside. Enzo will be eating Darth Vadar shaped sandwiches for school lunch which seriously has to be the coolest thing around.

What did you bring for lunch today Enzo?
"an apple, a string cheese, Darth Vadar and Millennium Falcon"

My kid is going to be rockin' the preschool scene!

My husband initiated me into Star Wars when I was pregnant with Enzo. We watched them all. It was destiny for Enzo to have this lunchbox. Thank you Williams-Sonoma for sending this to Enzo and thinking of him as he embarks into every day school.You guys are gems!

* No I had not watched Star Wars before I met Christian. Excuse me for being Brazilian and occupying my screen time with soap-operas. I have, since then, repented.
**If Star Wars isn't your thing, fear not! I am super excited for tomorrow's lunch bag giveaway.

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