Testing out Alaska Seafood Cod {and a cooking video, oh my}

posted on: Friday, August 27, 2010

It's not everyday we get to eat
sustainable seafood from Alaska.

But this week we did! I was so fortunate to have Alaska Seafood ship frozen cod right to my doorstep along with a beautiful seafood recipe book, recipe cards, and material on their work. I was so excited about the recipe cards and even more stoked that it was cold. It had come in the same cooler as the frozen fish so the recipe cards felt like paper thin ice cubes. It made me grin big.

Alaska Seafood represents all of Alaska's sustainable seafood industry. Their work is incredible and their fish is pure quality. 

Alaska teamed up with Foodbuzz to send food bloggers frozen fish so that we could test out the COOK IT FROZEN! technique. We received the fish for free (who's your lucky gal?!) and then proceded to cook the fish using our own recipes along with the COOK IT FROZEN! technique.

It was a great combo. 

My tried and true fish recipe is tilapia with pesto cooked in grape juice. It's so easy and so fast. Let's be honest, though, cod is a better fish but I'm usually scared to saute it in a pan because of it's thickness it would just take too long. So whenever I make cod I usually just bake it.

But the folks at Alaska Seafood coached me through the process of making my favorite fish recipe with my favorite fish; pan seared cod in pesto sauce. Their printed material and pan searing video was key to making this dish a success.

And it was!

Want to see?

and a special thanks to Foodbuzz, Alaska Seafood, and my friend Drew for his videography skills.
Go team go!


  1. This dish looks so yummy. That's awesome you got fresh Alaskan cod delivered to your door. We have a friend from Alaska who brought us back some moose meat he hunted. I really appreciate your recipes. So many great ideas. I typically just pan sear salmon with salt and pepper or I blacken it. I'm sure the butter and cream makes it taste extra delicious.

  2. I just got back to LA after a week visiting my parents in Alaska (I grew up there), and came back with a freezer box full of salmon and halibut. Wild Alaskan is the way to go - it may be expensive, but our fishing management can't be beat.

  3. Thanks for the input Margie. I would love to go to Alaska some day.

  4. That looks sooooooo good! A friend of mine is moving to Alaska and she MUST make this or I'll never visit!!!

    Thanks for visiting my site!


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