Brazilian pastel {and other news}

posted on: Tuesday, September 7, 2010

is absolutely
without a doubt
my favorite food.

I know I've posted about pastel before. It's just that I can't get enough of this crispy fried dough with super salty filling. 

Pastel is  a savory dish usually sold at the farmers market. It's a thin pastry that envelopes some kind of savory (typically savory, sometimes there are sweet pastels too) filling. Most common fillings consist of cheese, ground sausage, ground beef, and Christian's favorite the Especial, which is the everything pastel

The Especial is a meal, my favorite meal. The deep friedness falls into the category of automatic deliciousness

My mama took us to her new favorite pastel joint. It took forever to get there and was super crowded but totally worth it. I loved spending time with my mom and sisters in Sao Paulo. It was 6 days too short! Now I'm in the Northeastern part of Brazil in the beautiful state of Bahia. We arrived yesterday and will stay till the end of the month. Today I had fried fish right on the beach. Heaven.

Speaking of fish did you see my post about Alaska Seafood in which I share a cod recipe via video? VIDEO! What was I thinking? I blush every time I watch it. Anyway... my post along with 11 other posts about Alaska Seafood is being featured on Foodbuzz.  There are some great fish recipes for you to check out. Please visit the page and vote for your favorite post. The winner gets to go to the Foodbuzz festival for free (yup. yup)! Of course I want you to vote for me, of course! But...don't feel too bad for me if I don't win. The process was fun regardless, and the cod was excellent.

Hope all is well in your side of the world.
Hope you're having fun and eating some delicious food
and if you're in Brazil lets get together for some pastel.


  1. Ah that looks so good. I totally want to go to Bahia too because I saw a video podcast about the stew there. I need to make Pastele. We were just talking about it on Saturday.

  2. Love the crispy, bubbly look of that pastry. You can tell its very light and airy, but full of goodness.

  3. Oh my mouth is watering for some pastel de queijo with caldo de cana

  4. I was introduced to pastel when I went to Vitoria ES two years ago. I fell in love right then and there. I have tried in vain to describe it to my family....and now you have posted gorgeous pictures of them. My favorite ones were cheese filled and oozing with goodness. They were delectable and certainly worth the price of the airfare just to eat them again. Sure miss you knowing that you are so far away. Have fun.

  5. Andrea we will definitely have to plan a trip together to Brazil some day. How about the world cup in 4 years?

  6. Andrea we will definitely have to plan a trip together to Brazil some day. How about the world cup in 4 years?

  7. That looks delicious. The pastry looks so perfectly fired... send some back to the US :)

  8. Oh my, that's one huge pastel, my husband (and I) just went ooh & aah over it! Looks like you are enjoying your trip.

  9. Deep fried stuff with filling, my idea of heaven...Of all the places I've been, I've never made it to Brazil though it's next on my list and these will definitely be one of the first things I want to try. Beautiful photos, by the way.


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