easy after school snacks

posted on: Friday, September 10, 2010

five recipes selected with my kids in mind
all from the lovely Martha's back-to school series
  1. banana yogurt smoothie with polka dots: It's recipes like these that makes Martha the genius that she is. Seriously painting polka dots with a paint brush and raspberry jam is awesome to the moon and back
  2. cinnamon tostada: I've made this before and it never fails. We like to dip in greek yogurt.
  3. popcorn balls: this is more like dessert than a snack but whatever. Enzo is always asking us to make sweet popcorn, and we do!
  4. snowflake quesadilla: I forgot how fun and easy this recipe is. In fact your kid could make the snowflake themselves.
  5. frozen fruit salad : Enzo is not a huge fan of frozen fruit but my teething baby can't get enough.
Do you have a favorite easy snack that you like to make for your kids?
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