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posted on: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here we are at a a new Kitchen Corners look. For those of you who are newbies I hope you stay a while and enjoy the site. For those of you who have been to Kitchen Corners before I hope you find the new template much more user friendly than the old one.

I always get mad when I've been reading a blog for a while and the blogger straight up changes the template on me. "What is up with that? I was so comfy with the other look". Please don't get mad at me. I love you so! 

Since starting Kitchen Corners almost 3 years ago the blog has had many changes. It went from being called "Within the Corners of my Kitchen," (yuck, what a long name) with the url being kitchencorners.blogspot.com to then being called Kitchen Corners when I was finally able to buy the domain kitchencorners.com (sorry cabinet making people who went out of biz, the previous domain owners). The blog was a space where I wrote about food and radio documentaries, which was the focus of my MA thesis. Then I started posting about my family. Then I just posted recipes. Then I started mixing it up and making it more flavorful. Now it is this, a space where I get to write about feeding my family while sharing ideas and finds on home cooking. 

The left column shows a list of topics that I write about. Click on one and a new page will open showing a list of previous posts I've written on that topic. This is meant to help you navigate the site better. I have almost 500 posts to archive and I'm slowly doing it. So check often to see what's new on each column.

The theme of this blog is home cooking. I focus on cooking for and with kids because as a parent everything I do revolves around my children, including the way I cook. However, I'm a firm believer that kids should eat what their parents eat so with that in mind my recipes are meant for everyone and anyone who cooks at home and enjoys flavorful dishes that are easy to make. If you click on the "HOME RECIPES" tab you'll get a list of my recipes.

and if you like a post and want to share it here is how...

at the bottom of every post you'll see these links. I know many of my readers commented on how much they liked the Facebook button I had on my previous template. The buttons here will add the post to Facebook and other sites as well.

On the right side you'll see new ways to connect with me. I love receiving e-mails from you. I really do and I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. You can also subscribe via RSS or e-mail. You can also join the facebook page which is my personal favorite way to interact with my readers, other than comments. Also, starting November 1st I will be putting private advertisement on my blog. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor visit my advertisement page for rates

Woah so much information.

I know the blog is intuitive and you probably didn't need all this but I'm just a teeny-tiny bit overjoyed to have a new design. It's been a long long process with uncountable hours put into it, mainly from my incredible designer Ana from Live and Enliven Designs. If I could I would send her on a month long cruise around some beautiful part of the world where she would get massages every hour on the hour and not have internet access, this way she wouldn't feel obliged to respond to my 20+ e-mails a day. I feel like I've gained a friend and a therapist/self-esteem coach throughout her redesigning Kitchen Corners. If you need a new blog design you should hire Ana. Trust me! If you don't need a new blog design you should hire Ana. Double trust me!

on to food blogging....


  1. Yay Damaris! Congratulations! It IS user friendly, and there is nothing as annoying as a user unfriendly blog nowadays... good luck!

  2. Looks great and very user friendly! love it.

  3. LOVE it. very classy simple and EASY to find things! Great job Ana!

  4. Yay! that's me! Thanks for everything and I am so happy you liked it!

  5. LOVE IT!!!! and I ADORE your profile picture!

  6. she is awesome that ana! she helped me with my blog! and i love your design!

  7. Bravo, the new template is fantastic! I'm enjoying your photos and stories from Brazil. On my list of things to make are Brazilian caramels.

    By the way, I updated my blog name and URL to Flour Child and www.flourchildblog.com. Thanks for including me in your blogroll.


  8. Your template design is gorgeous, but then I know Ana and all she does is just beautiful. Every piece is so well thought out. I love that.


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