Enzo creates his first recipe

posted on: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My son really wanted to bake cookies using a recipe that he's been telling me about. It's a special recipe that calls for a cup of salt, a cup of flour, water, and lots of chocolate chips. I've been trying to dodge his demands but I finally succumbed and held back the urge to give him directions. I stepped back and watched my son bake all by himself, minus the oven part. He started with 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, and lots of chocolate chips. He then added an egg and oil. "Not good," he observed, and added more flour and a whole lot of baking soda and baking powder. He went for the orange juice instead of milk and then more flour until he felt that the consistency was good enough.

And you know what?

The consistency was good enough. The thing actually baked. I took one bite and had a chunk of baking soda to swallow. However, he had two of his creations and pronounced them, "different." Christian, had 3 and didn't think anything of it. In fact he came home late so he assumed I baked them.

I'm not sure if we'll have any more. I'm guessing no, but Christian won't let me toss them. We kind of hate wasting things around here. This is why it was so hard for me to just let Enzo go at it with the ingredients. But hey, if a 4 year old knows the basics of baking and is completely aware that flour, eggs, oil, water, and baking powder can create something than I am happy.

And truly, I am happy.

Here is a video where he tells me his recipe. The final recipe was a bit different from the one he narrated here, but not to far off. Normally, I only speak to Enzo in Portuguese, he gets super weired out when I speak to him in English and pretty much doesn't know how to respond to me in English. Hence, the back and forth in English and Portuguese. For blogging purposes I figured I wanted to get the recipe in English so you could appreciate his little foodie brain along with me.

ps. Please excuse the baby. She's crazy. She's a crazy baby that has figured out how to open the windows and remove the screen. I know!


  1. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
    Amaya totally eats the baking powder. She would have loved this.

  2. Adorable! So fun that you have the pictures and recipe to look back upon. I loved the exchange of languages!

  3. That's great! Love the one minute, well then two minutes. haha :)

  4. Super cool, I cant wait to do this my girl.

  5. this is so sweet, I hope my girls will be that creative with baking.
    (I just started this summer)

  6. This is so incredibly cute... and so incredibly inspiring- from one mom to another:).

  7. Love it! Perfect logic...if one minute is not enough, then two should work! You are blessed - and so are they!

  8. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

    Funny how you try to make him speak English while he speaks only Portuguese...

    Thanks for sharing!

    Obs. Your recipe on Sentinel seems very good... pretty healthy for a cookie...

  9. Obrigada querida Flavia. I was trying to make him speak English only because I wanted to make a video for the blog. It didn't work out so well. I'm glad he enjoys speaking Portuguese.

  10. That is super cute. How patient of a mother you must be to let him experiment like that. My son's view of baking is that he gets to lick the beaters. He stands somewhat patiently on a chair and each time the mixer turns off he asks if I'm done yet so he can have one!

  11. This is so funny! You have a little baker in the making!

  12. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I started reading because you're from Brazil and you talk about food——a combination of two of the best things.

    I've been speaking Portuguese to my 7-month-old and was wondering last week if I was just being silly and if I should give it up. But your video of Enzo has totally inspired me. Thanks!


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