Halloween Snacks

posted on: Thursday, October 28, 2010

Enzo has a Halloween party at his preschool and I have to bring a snack to share with the class. I might just bring the monster eyes but I kind of want to make something new.

I like the snack-o-lanterns because it's made from short grain rice cooked in carrot juice, which I personally think would taste delish, with the green pepper on top...yum. It's the type of snack that some kids would love but others would hate but the teachers would appreciate the no sugar factor for sure.

The orange smoothie is super basic and would be an all around hit. I would use plastic cups and maybe substitute the orange sugar crystals for purple crystals, something I have in my pantry left over from Easter and if I don't use it now it's going bye-bye real soon.

Which one do you vote for?

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  1. love the snack o lanterns... even the name is cute!

  2. I say use up that purple sugar while you can :)

  3. I love the snack-o-lanterns, but maybe w/ celery or a green apple (soaked in lemon juice) instead?

  4. orange smoothie! I want one... purple sugar and all!

  5. I would chose the rice


    my kids would chose the smoothie!


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