Monster Egg Eyes

posted on: Monday, October 18, 2010

We're starting to think Halloween at our home now that the weather is cool and Enzo has settled on a costume. He will be a pirate. Baby Maria is still costume-less, any suggestions? I'm not really good at decorating for Halloween but I do enjoy cooking and baking Halloween themed snacks.

These eyes are an easy Halloween snack for sure. They are also a great way to entertain your kids, you know when you're trying to get dinner ready and they are right there needing some attention/something to do?

Just place the eyes on some paper and let them draw a monster face around it. Enzo was entertained for a good half hour, no joke. Plus, when he started complaining that he was hungry, because dinner was still being prepared, he had his eyes, I mean eggs, to munch on.

How do you make these? 
Just hard boil an egg and then quarter a black olive and place a piece on each egg.

What Halloween treats do you like to make?


  1. That is FANTASTIC! My kids will love monster eyes. I'm totally making them for their lunch today!

    My youngest has decided to be a pirate for Halloween this year. He walks around the house shouting, "Aaargh!" It's very cute.

    As for Halloween treats, I'm going to bake gingerbread men and then decorate them (with white icing from a tube) to look like skeletons! I found the idea online last year and I can't wait to try it!

    Take a look at the photo here:

  2. One of my favorite baby costumes for Hailey was a pea pod! And for my son- a cute little monkey.

    I made the toast cups over the weekend... thanks again for sharing:)!

    Love these 2 Halloween treats (Both recipes are from Giada.)...

  3. Great idea, my daughter would LOVE these.

  4. What a cute idea! I will make some tomorrow for my nenes. They will get a good kick out of it.



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