mamas who cook should be the next food blog star

posted on: Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This is one of my bestest friend in the whole wide world. When I lived in Hawaii we did a lot of cooking and parenting together and an excessive amount of eating, while holding our baby Enzo and baby Amaya of course. Mariko, like myself, is now a mama of 2 and her passion for food just grows more and more as she cooks meals for her growing family.

Mariko has advanced to round three of project food blog with an awesome luxury meal (little foodie style) that she cooked up with her kitchen assistant baby Mozely.

Go check out her luxury meal post and caste your vote to help her advance to the next round.

From one foodie mama to the next
thank you much.


  1. I agree! We should all be on the food network with our Bjorns!

  2. Yay! i love seeing fellow mommies who are passionate about cooking. No excuses, if she can do it with a baby straped to her, we can all find the time!

  3. Thanks for the love. I've been watching food network lately and realized I need to work on my photogenic-ness.


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