Foodbuzz 24x24: The ABC of food

posted on: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

(brownie points for you if you can identify all the letters. Hint: X stands for cheese in Brazilian menus. So if you go to Brazil and see "x-burger" you will get a cheese burger and not a x shaped burger, promise. Other than the X everything else is in English)

My 4 year old, Enzo, is learning how to read and to celebrate this huge achievement we hosted a ABC party for him. He helped me re-create the alphabet using food and then serve it up as brunch for his friends.

There is something magical about seeing your child sound out words. I just know that a whole world will open up before him as he begins to read on his own. I'm really looking forward to having him read out recipes to me while I cook with one hand and hold his little sister with the other. I've been needing an extra pair of eyes for a while now. The words "cup" and "tablespoon" were one of the first words I taught him. Next up is "creme fraiche" but maybe we'll work on "flour" first.

When I moved to the United States for the first time I was 7 years old. I learned how to read and write in a languge that I did not speak very well (English). The first word I learned how to read was "cook." It took me a couple more months to realize that "cook" was not what I thought it was. The whole time I had thought that "cook" was "cookie," a new dessert introduced to me when my family immigrated to the United States. Do you have any idea what it's like to eat your first cookie at the age of 7?  I had never tasted anything so sweet and magnificent. It did take me a while to learn how to spell it the correct way, though.

Listening to Enzo read reminds me of when I learned how to read. Since his first language is Portuguese he sounds out words with a cute accent and many times doesn't really know what words mean. This is a double adventure and I'm so glad we were able to celebrate just the right way, with good food and good dancing. Nothing beats the song "E eats Everything," a total foodie classic.

Good times indeed!

The other fun part about this party is that it helped raise money for Make Time for Change, an organization that is helping children have access to nutritious food during the upcoming Holidays. Foodbuzz, being the seriously awesome website that they are donated $250 for each post that was hosted under this month's 24x24 event (24 bloggers create a total of 24 meals in 24 hours). I was honored to be one of the bloggers.

Double good times!!

To see all the kid friendly meals that were created for the 24x24 event visit Foodbuzz.
For a print out of more ABC food ideas go here.

If you were hosting a ABC party what food would you make for the letters of the alphabet?


  1. Ooh! I'll give it a try...

    French Toast
    Ice Cream
    Kiwi Fruit
    Vanilla Sponge
    Whipped Cream

  2. I might have been able to guess all of those but I cheated! I just "found" your blog through MADE and I am so excited! My husband lived in Brasil for a couple years and fell in love! He has been dying for me to learn to make his favorite foods! I have been working 5 years on trying to get the rice to taste right with only our taste buds to guide me! I am so excited to see recipes in front of me that look so do-able! It gives me hope! ;) I think i am going to have fun with this!!

  3. Sheez-tudo! It was right on the tip of my tongue but i couldnt quite get it so I cheated (again) and asked my husband... but I have heard this term from him so many times that I feel dumb for not remembering!

  4. exactly...cheese-tudo (pronounced sheez because of the accent) good job.

  5. this is so cute!!! amazing job!!

  6. Yes, my brother and Adam did all sorts of crazy stuff. And, I'm sure, Christian knows far more about their antics than I. He was probably included in some of them too, whereas I, the younger sister was most decidedly not.

    Say hi, to Christian from me. I read all the Palmer women blogs (Sienna, Katie, you etc.) which makes me feel like we're all still neighbors in the townhouses all those many years ago, just a few more people around than back then.

  7. Great idea!!

    Hmmm- letters? Pasta is always a fun, kid friendly ingredient that I bet could form lots of letters:).

    I feel the same way about watching our kids sound out words. Last year, my then 6 yr. old sounded many words out, and already this year- everything has become 'clear' for her!

  8. There are few things as beautiful and rewarding as being able to read and write. We just give it for granted; but I think is one of the most beautiful presents you can give to your children.

    And I LOVE the creative and gourmet way you celebrated it.

    Parabens to Enzo!.

  9. SO SO CUTE!! i'll take the A,G and P for me...please

  10. I am so loving your blog. I just found out about it through Dana (MADE).

    I know I will be visiting a lot (even if I don't comment much.)

    BTW- my little one's are also learning to read- my four year old in particular. I'm also raising them bilingual (Spanish/English) and is so cute to listen to him tell me the letters in both languages- and some times confuses them. Does that happen to yours? Anywho- you should check out two of my friend's great blog Great resources for rasing your kids bilingual.

    Lisa Renata

  11. So awesome! What a creative idea and I'm sure Enzo loved it. - mary

  12. Wow! What a way to encourage reading!! The party looks like a blast.

    I am teaching my girls English at home because they go to a Bulgarian school. My heart goes out to teachers. It is hard! I felt such a rush of pride when my eldest daughter first read a few pages of a book without stumbling!

  13. the idea is really good, i can't wait till my daughter's birthday party :D

    thanks you!!!

  14. What a fabulous way to celebrate reading!! I bet hearing him read just makes your heart smile.

  15. Very well done, great job! Luckily you explained the cheese, I had no idea. And I also have no idea what zingers are :) They look fun though. I had to cheat with X too and uses a chinese word for watermelon he he he he. Bravo to your boy, learning to read is an awesome achievement.

  16. The letters are just so adorable!! Great idea and great job. These 24x24's this month are just amazing. So happy and fun!

  17. I love the film clipping that you have posted. You have used food very creatively.

  18. This is too cute! I love it. I so want to have another child too much I missed out on doing with my first child!

  19. What a cute idea! I couldn't figure out the W and then felt really dumb when I realized it was whipped cream. haha duh! I want to remember this to do with my own kids someday.

  20. Beautiful post. Everything looks amazing and so creative. Lets definitely meet up at the Foodbuzz Festival!

  21. what a great idea and the party was lots of fun

  22. So charming, Damaris. I love the colored backgrounds especially. I'm definitely putting this on the To Do list.

    The book Now I Eat My ABCs (so simple and clever--do you know it?) is one of my son's favorites, actually, and I can't believe it hasn't occurred to me to try it out myself.

  23. Beautifully done! You could totally make it into a poster and sell it!

  24. Don't know how I didn't follow you until 10 mins ago.... I've been losing all the best! Great ideas, great mom!
    Hope you'll come and visit me!
    PS: I'm mom of one wich takes for 3!!!

  25. I love this idea! And so pretty too. :)

  26. Amazing! I thought about making a food alphabet for my son, but making the letters out of food makes it extra special!

  27. Thanks Heldin. It was actually easier than I anticipated and super fun.

  28. Hey just saw your link in your comment from Design*Sponge's Alphabet Contest. To bad you did miss the deadline because this rocks!

  29. Amanda- Can i give you a big kiss on right there on your forehead? Your comment made my day!


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