Spooky Sandwiches

posted on: Thursday, October 21, 2010

These are spooky peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that I shaped using Halloween cookie cutters. I added round sprinkles for the eyes. Everything took me less than five minutes to make with Enzo's help and yes we had this as a legitimate meal.

Then we made them again with egg salad inside. Then we made it again with ham and cheese. Basically we've been eating a lot of sandwiches lately.


  1. so cute!! now i gotta try it so i can feel like a good mom.

  2. These are adorable and so much fun. Even as an adult, I couldn't say no.

  3. Cuuuute! I'm actually doing this with chicken salad on Halloween.

  4. hahaha too cute. You are having too much fun. I need to get some Halloween food decorating going on soon...I better not let my kids see this or they will be jealous. hehehe


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