potlucks are a good way to introduce new foods to kids {plus a podcast about raising foodies}

posted on: Thursday, October 21, 2010

We've been doing potlucks on Wednesday nights. Conveniently everyone lives within walking distance of each other. Conveniently we all have kids around the same age. It's pretty fun and I think we'll do it every week until it gets too wet and cold to play outside.

Last week we made grilled pizzas and this week we had soup and chile, and corn bread, and hot chocolate, and salad, and more salad and alfajores. Havanna Alfajores! Our Argentinean neighbor, Matias, is priceless.

Actually, all our neighbors are priceless and we're so lucky to be surrounded by good friends, friends with various talents. Eileen, for example makes the best salad. April only uses the best ingredients and her food tastes so fresh. Jennie made a killer chili that Enzo loved. Enzo doesn't love chili. This is why pot lucks are fabulous, the amount of food and different foods makes it so that the kids have a variety of things to try from.

and they have so much fun.
So much fun!

I get a couple e-mails a week from parents who are frustrated with their picky eater. I'm frustrated too and this is an ongoing trial and error topic for me. I think potlucks are a great way to introduce food to kids, specially if their friends are there. Enzo saw his friend Juniper take a bite of chili and he decided he wanted a bite. Thank you Juniper.

Today I've been listening to the break out session from the BlogHer '10 conference called Family Foodies: Creating a New Generation of Gourmands. I've embedded the postcast for your convenience.

Here you'll find tips on introducing kids new foods, picky eaters, an entire discussion on organic food and where to buy affordable sustainable foods. Also, good tips for mommy food bloggers.

Yay, for internet and the sharing of information!


  1. I like potlucks just so I can try new foods! I am always a little surprised how picky kids are when we have people over for dinner. I make Amaya eat stuff even if she cries. And the other kids' parents just break out pb&j they brought from home. Except Kadin. He eats everything because he is perfect. I'm not kidding.

  2. I think you should start your own podcast. I would totally subscribe!

  3. Food Librarian- are you saying I should put my MA into good use? All that audio training that i got in graduate school would actually do me some good. Maybe. I probably should.

    Mariko-I've had the opposite experience thankfully and I think kids should absolutely positively be FORCED to eat whatever their guests give them. Seriously, i do. I Think we all should.

    Cailen- xoxo

  4. Thanks for the podcast link -- I can't wait to watch it. Honestly, I have no kids yet, but I don't mind learning all I can right now so I'm ready when I do have them.

  5. These get togethers sound divine! I love the idea of neighbors gathering on Wednesday nights for pot luck! How fun for the kids, too!

    I was blessed with kids that were adventurous eaters - they would try anything and liked all sorts of food. I never made them eat anything they hated, but I made them taste things before declaring them bad. I was just lucky, I know.


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