fun with apples

posted on: Thursday, November 4, 2010

I think this apple ukulele is extremely charming and this drowning apples' cake  is simply beautiful. Something about the apple uke and how much fun I could see Enzo having with it and the way that the cake screams delicious yet chaotic, much like how my life is feeling, makes me smile big.

Other fun apple-y things I've been spotting on the web includes
crochet apple coasters
apple bake dish
apple soap
apple bundt with caramel sauce

So have you come up with something fun for the cook off
or do you just want to give up cooking all together
and pursue a musical career with your trusty
apple ukulele on your side?
Either one, I promise to back you up.


  1. Ohhh that ukulele kills me! sooooo cute!

  2. Love it!! Love apples.. :) I was looking for persimmon recipes too. Do you have any that you love and want to share? I prefer them fresh, and just eat them raw, but I figure I should shake it up a bit, ya know?

  3. I love this time of year because the apples finally taste good again. Cute pics! xo


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