November Cook Off

posted on: Monday, November 1, 2010

I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Christian the first time he baked me an apple pie. Since then apple pies have meant the world to me. When done right I think they are the closest thing to perfection. I simply adore them.

I am not going to ask you to bake apple pies for the cook off because I know that some people have a different relationship with apple pies. I can't understand why but I'll respect your taste. So for this month's cook off I'll ask you to cook (baking is fine too) something with apples, because we all love apples right?!

First I want to give a shout out to those who participated last month. The turn out was better than I expected considering that a)it was the first cook off and b)posting rules were a bit confusing.

If you're new to Kitchen Corners visit the official Cook Off page to get started.

November Sponsor: New West KnifeWorks

Pretty right? I am a proud owner of a fusion wood New West KnifeWorks knife and they are not just wonderful to look at but they are wonderful to use. Good knives makes cooking delightful and I really hope you already own a couple of good ones. If you don't or if you want to add to your collection then join the cook off. Easy. The cook off winner will walk away with a Petty Utility Knife of their choice.This is open to everyone. New West KnifeWorks ships anywhere and everywhere so get your apples ready and start cooking.

Throughout the week I'll post some of my favorite apple recipes and ideas to get you started. Hold off on the post until next Monday when the linky button will go up. You'll have all of next week to post and link to the cook off.



  1. Love me the apple so this sounds fantastic! :)

  2. Oh! How exciting! I love all kinds of cakes with apple! No, that was pure understatement: I am Miss Applepie, apples are just wonderful! I'll try to participate with a new recipe, but just in case I will be too busy, is it ok to participate with a recipe which I already blogged about in october?

  3. Schlachtplatte-good question and the answer is YES. You can definitely submit an old recipe. You just need to link up to the cook off in your post. Come back on Monday to get the link and to post your recipe.

  4. I'm so excited! I already have something in mind...

  5. When can we post the links? I have something ready to go!


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