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posted on: Sunday, December 19, 2010

We have a full on cousin camp set up with 9 kids under the age of 10 running around with minimal adult supervision. Remember how I said that I was really looking forward to coming to Hawaii so I could spend more time with Enzo? Remember that? Well, I lied because I knew I could never compete with his cousins. I hardly see him. He's busy making pirate swords and ninja stars out of cardboard boxes and tin foil and starting monopoly games that he'll never finish. At night I make him do reading lessons. He only has 5 more lessons to go before he's done with this book and I promised him he would learn how to read before Christmas so obviously 5 lessons will make all the difference in the world. Except it won't. It's just me being selfish and forcing him to spend 15 minutes alone with me where we can bond over stories like "The Frog That Made Big Sounds-Part 1"

There are so many kids it's hard to have any one on one time with any of them. However, yesterday I had a really cool moment with my nephew Mikey. He spent a good half hour picking tangerines off Grammy Pammy's loaded tree for me. He climbed high and low picking the ones he thought were best and then we ate about 10 each on top of the trampoline while talking about...nothing at all.

Normally I read through hundreds of posts a week. This week not so much, too busy eating tangerines. However, I still had a few favorites like...
Actually, there are tons of posts I want to share with you now that I think about it but I'll end with a link to the December Cook Off. You have until midnight to submit a recipe

Hope your Holiday break is going well.
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