Friday Food Design: tomato dress, bubble gum shirt, and other favorites

posted on: Friday, December 10, 2010

I devour design blogs just as quickly as I devour food blogs. I absolutely love them and have been wanting to start a food design blog for a long time but managing several blogs is completely unrealistic, I've tried in the past. Besides I think you'll enjoy my design finds so why not share it with you, right?! 

I'm bumping back my regular giveaway schedule. From now on weekly giveaways will be on Saturdays and I'll set Fridays aside for a Food Design installment of fascinating things that caught my attention throughout the week. If you're fascinated with design you might want to like my facebook page where from now on instead of just sharing links of my posts (boring) I'll also share links of what I consider to be food design ideas along with my favorite posts from you, my fellow bloggers.

If you live in LA mark your calendars to go see artist Yeonju Sung exhibit her work in January, where she will showcase her wearable food series

Other lovely finds...
  • My kitchen timer broke. I use it more for time outs then for cooking. Enzo has been getting his fair share of time outs and now I'm timer-less. I want this shiny little kitchen timer for me and this fun kitchen timer for disciplining my kids.
  • This Terracotta Slow Cooker puts all slow cookers to shame. 
  • I want Enzo to grow up and make his own cotton candy machine, at home, from scratch just like Seattle Food Geek.
  • "I never trusted anyone who didn't like bananas." That's the line I used for months with baby Maria who only now is warming up to bananas. This laser engraved banana she would like. How could she not?
  • Cream is beautiful and this article on Saveur makes it even more so.
  • I decided that I am definitely one of those freak people who was born missing a particular taste bud because I don't like macaroons. But I know that if I ever walked into Theurel & Thomas I would buy a million. More pictures of the mansion of macaroons found on The designerpad.
  • And just because I never pick fruit or vegetables doesn't mean I shouldn't have this Market & Fruit Picking Pack. Actually, I'm wondering if I could get this to fit a certain baby I know who loves carrying around a little something-something to put her treasures inside.
But really tell me the truth, is it just me or is that red dress made out of tomatoes totally hot?


  1. what a talent! couldn't believe they were tomatoes and the blue shirt is out of bubblegum! did you see the shrimp one? and the bread? I like the bread one.

  2. Those pictures are amazing!! Oh, and I just 'liked' you on facebook :)

  3. The art is lovely and I'm very intrigued by this terracotta slow cooker, might be putting that one on my Christmas wish list.

  4. that red tomato dress is AMAZING. it reminds me of something that would be on project runway!

  5. Yes, that tomato dress really is hot! I've been wondering about how amazing that slow cooker might be. I used it in a gift guide for men who live in apartments. I thought it would be pretty awesome. Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh wow! I wish I was there! That is beautiful!!!

  7. Wow, thanks for sharing those photos!! I'll look for her work in January! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. Damaris, great links...very interesting and intriguing...and I love the tomato dress :-) Definitely HOT!

  9. i will be in LA... definitely will try to go and see this exhibit... have a great weekend!!!

  10. glad you all liked this installment. also, glad I'm not the only crazy around who find red tomato dresses totally sexy

  11. i am intrigued with the dress specifically...totally sexy, you're right!

  12. wow very cool will look forward to fun posts from you on this topic

  13. totally hot.
    i dont think i've ever used my kitchen timer for food purposes...only time out.


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