day numero uno of food blogger camp 2011

posted on: Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm not very organized.
I'm not organized at All.
Why is that silly Easter cup with glitter on my desk? And why did I forget to pack toothpaste and elastic bands to put my hair up?

I was going to write a simple, straight forward post announcing the January Cook Off theme but I decided no Cook Off this month. Next month for sure, when my blogging schedule will be post Holidays and post Food Blogger Camp, hopefully a bit more orderly.

At one point in time I had 2 blogs that I regularly maintained. I had bebeloo, where I wrote about life and reflected on how I was the perfect mother before I had kids and I had Kitchen Corners where I shared recipes. Now that I do have kids I realize parenting is perfection on it's head doing a back flip off whatever an ideal reality should be like and my reality screamed angry messages at me, telling me that maintaining 2 separate blogs is a no go.

Now Kitchen Corners is this.
I'm obsessively self reflecting about parenting, and since I am parenting at my best when I'm in the kitchen it's inevitable that food plays a leading role in the life stories I tell.

Let me tell you how parenting Baby Maria is going. On Monday Baby Maria went to daycare for the first time. She's 1 year 3 months and 20 days old. Baby Maria is most definitely still a baby. Babies need to stay home with their mamas and cuddle and nurse and read board books all day. Mamas need to nurture their kids, and keep the house clean, and make delicious healthy and fun meals, and be happy all day too.

But Baby Maria and I don't fit the norm. She's way past nursing and she doesn't care who reads her board books, so we decided to ship her off to daycare. It helps that I can't keep the house clean and cook and parent and be in a good mood all day either. It also helps that I write for the local newspaper and have been getting more paid writing gigs and I want to blog professionally AND that the daycare is a whole 10 seconds away from my door step, yeah I can see her class from my bedroom window. My office is in my bedroom and since I'm working from my bedroom office and looking out the window it means that technically I am watching her.

Dang, I'm a rock star mother!
Actually, I have to admit I was a little offended when I dropped her off on Monday and she didn't even cry.

This is what my office looks like now that I'm in Riviera Maya, Mexico. A couple doors down is another mommy food blogger, and another, and another. Over lunch we talked about what we write and who we read, and what we cook and what we eat. The answers are wildly different which only reaffirms my belief that there is room for us all in this rapidly growing blogging world, mothers and none-mothers alike, food blogger and none-food bloggers alike. I strongly believe that if you're a blogger trying to make something out of your space this is the time to be doing it and you will succeed!

I'm exited for these next couple of days. I'm excited about making the decision to take Kitchen Corners more seriously. I think this means I should post a recipe soon, so so so soon. Tomorrow early in the morn I'll have a carrot date nut muffin recipe that will start off your day just right. But right now I need to go eat my second lunch and get ready for dinner, and call the fam.

Baby girl, I miss you already. Don't make too much orange juice without me.
Enzo, thanks for all the random pieces of paper you put in my suitcase. You're with me wherever I go.
Christian, when the guy sitting next to me on the plane asked if I left my husband babysitting the kids I proudly answered "No! He is not babysitting he's parenting." You are the best parent I know. You are also the best husband I could ever dream of knowing. I wish you were here with me.
xoxo, me.


  1. you are the cutest mom, blogger, wifey and writer i know. have SO much fun at the boot camp - can't wait to read more about your adventures :)

  2. Ohhh your kids are totally adorable. Its so cool that the day care it just across the street. Such a dream location for a mom:) I really enjoy reading your posts! Have fun

  3. I agree with others, your family is fun!

  4. @Jennifurla It's hard to be boring when you have crazy kids :)

  5. You are a rock star mom! :) Have a good time! - mary

  6. Wonderful! Have a great time in Mexico! Jealous~!

  7. Enjoy your short time away and thanks for keeping us updated! Excited to hear about everything. Love, Jealous

  8. Oooo, I am so envious! Mexico! Can't wait to hear your recap and about your experiences at camp:) And can I just awesome to have a daycare next door!

  9. I think a place that serves two lunches is heaven on earth. Enjoy your second lunch and your vacation. I can't wait to see what this year holds for your blog and family!

  10. awww... I was really looking forward to January Cook off , but totally understand where you are coming from. This blogging thing isn't that easy! I am trying 5x a week but shew! as well as being a mommy of 2!!! Good luck in Cancun!

  11. Blah. I am so jealous. :) I want to be there too! Instead I am teaching kids who don't know how to use measuring cups.
    But I expect you to share all your knowledge with me for free. Ha. How's that for friendship?

  12. I really love this post (and your blog design btw)! Have a great time in Mexico...

  13. It's the third week since my baby boy started pre-school for the first time and he still cries, on and off. You should be glad your baby is not crying going to the day care! :) It's heart breaking. Anyway, have fun at the blogger camp!

  14. I love your answer about the no to babysitting and yes to parenting! I think it is so backwards of people to still consider dads as only little helpers when they actually should and want to do the equal share of the job (and the joy) of having kids...

  15. messy & mixed together -- how yummy a recipe is that?

    the second grade walked to school (from not school) this morning & since we walk every day & since our street was on the way back towards school i walked (with other parents/the teachers/the kids) home to work. loved it.

    have fun.

    baby maria is a rock star too. tears can be so not yet one. she's a big baby now. or something.

  16. Enjoy your time in warm and probably sunny Mexico at boot camp! I am jealously sitting here looking out my window at falling snow.

  17. Have fun on your Food Blogging Camp , I got a little emotional reading the little text on the bottom :)

  18. Hoping you are having a grand time at 'camp'. Hoping you'll bestow fabulous tidbits when you return for those of us stuck at home (boo hoo).


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