February Cook Off

posted on: Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Maria loves food and anything related to food. Sitting in my dutch oven is her favorite. Playing with the lids from my pans is her favorite. Being in the kitchen is her favorite. And eating, well eating is definitely her favorite.

Enzo is more practical about his food. For him it's fuel, something he can calculate to figure out how much he'll grow and how strong he'll get, or if it's sugar how bad of a stomach ache he'll have and then decide if it's worth putting in his mouth.

I have early memories of being like Baby Maria, where I enjoyed food and quite often obsessed about it. I remember biting into a hot pastel at the weekly farmer's market on our street in Santo Andre. The steam from the pastel burnt the tip of my nose, but didn't deter me from continue eating it. I must have been 3 years old at the time.

February is the month of love and I've been in love with food since I can remember. So for this month I want to celebrate our love for all things food.

February Cook Off Theme: My love for food started when...
Do you remember the first time you took a bite of something and you couldn't hold back the words "I love this." For the February cook off I want to hear all about how you fell in love with food. Tell me the story of when you first had a pain au chocolat or when you had your first street food in NYC. Tell me about the first time you baked cookies for a boy or the first time you nursed your baby. Tell me about the taste, and the smells, and tell me about how you felt because feelings are my favorite things to read about.

Guidelines: (slash rules)
Write a post on your blog using My love for food started when...  as a prompt. You don't have to have a recipe, you don't have to have pictures, and you certainly don't have to be a food blogger. This is open to anyone who wants to share their memories about food with others.

Somewhere in your post please mention that you are writing this as a part of the Kitchen Corners Cook Off and link back to this url (http://www.kitchencorners.com/2011/02/february-cook-off.html). The cook off button on the sidebar will link to this post so anyone who visits Kitchen Corners and clicks on that button will be directed to the February Cook Off.

How to share: (slash participate)
Leave a comment with your post url and I will add it to the cook off list on the bottom. I promise to read everyone's entry and I encourage you to also read other people's enteries so that we can make new friends along the way.

Prize: (because everyone needs an incentive):
Everyone who participates in the cook off will have their name written on a piece of paper, put in a hat (or my dutch oven) and randomly drawn by Baby Maria herself (we'll see how that goes). The lucky winner will walk away with a Kerrygold gift basket, because Kerrygold is sponsoring this event (thank you Kerrygold, I could write love notes to your Irish butter all day long). The gift basket includes Kerrygold butter, Kerrygold cheese, and a a copy of The Country Cooking of Ireland by Colman  Andrews, the prize package is worth $350. Kerrygold will only ship to the US, so if you win and you're in another country you can pick another person to send it to, or send it to your friend...

When to enter:
You can leave a comment with the url of your post anytime from now until February 21st. The title of your post and the title of your blog will be added to the February Cook Off list below, linking back to you. On February 28th I'll post a roundup of my favorite quotes from all of your posts and announce the winner.


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