April Cook Off

posted on: Monday, April 4, 2011

Remember this picture from my fondue post? It's my favorite picture of Baby Maria. She loved that fondue dinner, in all it's chocolaty glory. I think we're due for another fondue night.

And we're definitely due for another Cook Off.
Shall we Cook Off?

The theme for this month is crazy chocolate creations. Bacon dipped in chocolate? Yes please!

Nestle Kitchens is this month's Cook Off sponsor. Thank you Nestle Kitchens! Thanks for your killer prize.

This month's Cook Off winner will walk away with a product basket full of chocolates for baking, Libby's and Carnation goodies.

So now that you know the prize and you know this month's theme, start brainstorming a chocolate recipe with a twist. You are welcome to use any chocolate you want in any way you want as much as you want. Just make it good.

Nestle Kitchens is only able to ship inside the US. If you're an international reader you are still welcome to participate and showcase your recipe here on Kitchen Corners.

How to participate:

First: Come up with a recipe idea.
Second: Make your recipe, take pictures, write about it and post it on your blog. You can't submit an old post. Sorry. We're trying to keep this fresh.
Third: Enter your post to the linky tool that will go up next Monday April 11th. You'll have 1 week to enter your post. All posts will be featured on Kitchen Corners and will directly link back to your blog. This is a good way to meet people. Just please make sure your post links back to Kitchen Corners and that you tell your readers it's for the April Cook Off. You can link back to this post or the post that's going up next Monday.
Fourth: On April 18th voting begins.
Fifth: On April 25th the cook off winner is announced.

Any questions? e-mail me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Cook Off!


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