Food is Fun {Activity book by Anorak}

posted on: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Once upon a time there was a quiet afternoon, in which the baby slept and Junie, the neighbor came over to play. And the mail man dropped off a book.

All about food.

It's called Food is Fun. I had to share this book with you. I just had to. I wanted to immediately frame every single page. Junie wanted to read every single page. Junie is a super reader. She's 4. Amazing right?!

I haven't had the chance to read the whole thing but I'm dying to, mostly because I want to learn more about Spam and the history of forks but also because they have 2 whole pages dedicated to heart of palm. I love heart of palm.

What: Food is Fun an activity book for kids (and adults too) filled with easy recipes, educational facts and the most incredible illustrations and typography you will ever see.

Who: Anorak Team, the same folks who create the the happy mag for kids

Purchase: yeah you can buy it for £15.00 and get free shipping if you're in Europe. If you're in the US shipping costs an additional £4.00 GBP. Heads-up, Anorak magazine will be coming to the US next week. Seriously good news. Check out your local Barnes and Nobles.


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