Fabulous Friday

posted on: Friday, June 10, 2011

All I can say to this cake slicer is, "Yes!" Now can someone make me this lemon cake? There is much to celebrate this weekend. For one thing I will be done grading. That's huge. It means that I will be done TAing for this school year. Another wonderful occasion that deserves celebration is the fact that Christian took his last class ever. He's only been a student for 23 years, you know. He's had many classes. Well the dude is done. From now on it will be field work for a year in Brazil and then dissertation writing for two years and soon enough Christian will be Dr. Christian, professor in Anthropology. He'll even be able to hire me to be his TA, Ha! We absolutely need to celebrate. And so many people are celebrating this weekend as many students are graduating. So, I also want to give a shout out to the class of 2011. I had some fantastic Seniors this year. I'm excited for each and every single one of you to go out and change the world, in small and big ways. Thanks for letting me teach you.

I also want to give a shout out to some bloggers 
who wrote some pretty fantastic posts

// Jordan from Oh Happy Day wrote a photographer's guide to photobooth cameras. Her post makes me want to get a Holga or a Fuji Instax to give to Enzo to document our year in Brazil. Jordan is also giving away a trip for 2 to Paris. Coolest giveaway ever, no?!

// Moosh in Indy because her will power to breastfeed is inspiring.

// Irvin from Eat the Love is such an engaging writer. I loved his post about being at the Thermador Media Event, it made me laugh several times.

// Matt Armendariz's devil's food cake with dulce de leche frosting looks perfect. Of course it does, everything that Matt makes looks perfect.

// Cakies because she inspired me to make cake in a jar, and I did and it turned out great. I'll post the recipe on Monday

Now it's time to sign off and enjoy the weekend.
I'll be spending tomorrow with Angi and Nathan from Rice and Wheat, and Ben from You Fed a Baby Chili, at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. If you're in the area you should join us. The plan is to ride the Giant Dipper and eat corn dogs. I can't wait.


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