We are creating a new type of French fry and we need your help.

posted on: Saturday, June 25, 2011

What, a new type of French fry?

Do you think we can do it?

Friends I have some good news and some bad news. Lets start with the bad news. The bad news is that I haven't been cooking much, therefore you get no food pictures and no new recipes. Sorry. The good news is that I've been plotting new recipes in my mind, I mean we've been plotting because I got the whole family in on our new mission -- to create a new type of French fry. I've been invited by Alexia foods to join their challenge to reinvent a classic and create a new French fry variety. I feel honored. I think there are 25 of us doing this, including some of my favorite food bloggers.  During the next 4 weeks I'll be planning and cooking, testing and eating, different creations of French fries and I need your help. I need to come up with something tasty, a flavored French fry that you would want to buy. Wanna help me?

What potato type do you like best? I'm personally a huge fan of sweet potatoes and purple potatoes. Should I try a purple potato French fry or should I stick to the classic Yukon gold?

What kind of cut is your favorite? Last year's winner had waffle cut fries. Have you ever had waffle cut fries? I don't think I have. What kind of cut do you like best?

What kind of seasoning goes well with French frys? I need to come up with a flavor. As soon as I was invited to participate in this challenge I thought LEMON, I love anything lemon flavor. No wonder the winning fry from last year was lemon parmesan. Yup, lemon is already taken. So help me out, what seasoning do you think would work for French fries?

We're going to taste test some of Alexia's fries soon. We have a full house with cousins visiting from all over the place. I'm excited, I love a good tasting party specially with kids. Kids don't lie, not about food preferences anyway. Plus, when I asked for their input they suggested some wild flavors. Enzo suggested jelly-beans because jelly-beans has lots of different flavors. Baby Maria just looks at me and imitates my facial expressions, like the pictures above.

I'm hoping you'll have some better suggestions. In addition to being compensated to join the challenge I also have the possibility of show casing my creation at this year's Foodbuzz Festival if my creation is good enough to be in the top 4. So right now I need to create a recipe that's worth making it to the top 4. If you can take a minute to answer my questions above in the comments section that would be super.

Next week I'll let you know how our little creation is progressing and how many different flavors I experimented with.

Have a great weekend my friends.


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