Curry Fries, thanks to Alexia Foods pushing me to do more than just dipping my potatoes in ketchup

posted on: Sunday, July 17, 2011

A week ago we were all in Midway Utah eating French Fries. Now I'm in Clarkston Washington without a single French fry to enjoy. I'm also without my sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews, brothers-in-law, and sweet Pammy-- Christian's mom.

Our family reunion in Utah was fantastic. Gosh we had so much fun. A week ago today we were making fries, lots and lots of fries, and we seasoned it up and down with all sorts of different concoctions. My sisters-in-law Amy, Bekah, and Courtney were oh so helpful with their ideas and taste buds. Amy deep fried a poblano pepper and then threw in some fries, so as to infuse the oil with a little kick. It was subtle and so great all at once. Bekah suggested dill and lemon and I know I'll make that variation again, I loved it!

However, after a few different tries the winning flavor was curry, curry and sea salt to be exact. We tried curry with cinnamon and we tried curry with cinnamon and chili powder. We tried curry and wasabi. We tried plain wasabi and then went back to the curry. We tried curry with a lot of different things but it seemed pretty unanimous that the flavor we kept going back to, the one we quickly got addicted to was plain curry with a dash of sea salt.

I'm stoked that I found my flavor. Am I hopeful that Alexia Foods will pick it up and make it their next winning flavor. You bet I am. Who can resist curry and potatoes? If the answer is no one then trust me when I say that curry with deep fried potatoes is the bomb-diggity-bomb.

This is the fourth post of a 4 post series sponsored by Alexia Foods as part of the Reinvent a Classic Campaign.


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