Summer Eatin'

posted on: Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recently at great-grandma Mimi's house, in Sacramento California, my kids survived off popsicles and popcorn, perfectly ripened peaches and juicy tomatoes, music and love from their extended family. You know, the kind of stuff memories are made of.

In one week we leave for Brazil. It's hard to believe. We're now back in Santa Cruz where Maria had another hearing test and to say we're thankful for our audiologist is an understatement specially because she's our good friend and because we're crashing at her house for the next couple of days.

The plan was for us to go to Santa Barbara tomorrow and for me to be in San Diego on Thursday so I could go to the BlogHer conference. However, bureaucracy hates us and even though we planned for Christian to have his Visa months ago it's actually only going to be ready on Monday, the day before we leave. He needs to pick it up in San Francisco. We were supposed to be in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara and San Francisco are not necessarily close to each other. So now I'm not even sure I'll go to BlogHer which is the reason we even stayed in the States this long anyway. Oh well, c'est la vie. And la vie is so good I can't really complain. Plus hanging out in Santa Cruz for a week doesn't sounds bad at all.

I'm off to have Japanese food with some friends. Unlike my children I need a little more than just popsicles and popcorn, though I like to steal bites from their popsicles any chance I get.

Tell me, how your Summer is going?
Do you have tomatoes in your garden?
I have a tomato bread salad to share with you soon.



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