Beach Food

posted on: Monday, September 26, 2011

Hi friends how was your weekend? We took a little excursion to Jeribucacu, a beautiful little beach you hike in to. Christian wanted to go for the surf and I wanted to go for the food. Jeribucacu is known for both. Rumor has it that the best tapioca in town is right there on that little beach. Unfortunately the tapioca lady was gone for the day so I had to wait to come back home to eat from the tapioca stand near our house. Don't get me wrong, tapioca is good anywhere but I bet tapioca on the beach is even better. Nothing like eating food with the taste of sea salt in the air.

I didn't eat Tapioca on the beach but I did eat a grilled cheese stick, which has to be my favorite beach food of all times.

Now I'm dreaming about globetrotting my way through beaches and writing a book about beach food because I know Brazil isn't the only place with fun and interesting food. What do you think? Could beach food be the new street food?

Want to see Enzo hiking and my cute little sister? Here are more pictures of our day trip.


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