Weekly Wrap-Up

posted on: Friday, September 23, 2011

This has been a very full week and I'm not going to lie, I am exhausted. Re-designing a blog is no small task and I am so grateful for Ana, my trusty blog designer, who has worked triple overtime to make everything come together. She really is the best. Ana, You. Are. The. Best!

In fact I am thankful for a lot of folks who have come to my aid this past week,

// Enoch, my brother-in-law, and his friend Travis are some of the kindest souls I have the pleasure of knowing. They own a rad design firm in NYC called Studio Case. They are busy doing really big work yet somehow they find the time to give me real feedback and are always super nice about it.
// Ms. Erin Jane from the wonderful blog Jane Reaction did my header for this blog. The first time I worked with Erin she did the header for The Little Foodie, which till this day is one of my favorite headers ever. Erin helped me a bunch, a whole bunch with this new redesign. If you need a header she is your gal! She's wonderful at figuring out a brand for your blog.
// Sabrina from The Tomato Tart  quickly came to my aid when I needed her html expertise. In fact she took her lunch break to help me out and believe it or not we've never even met.
// Kimmie from Full Circle is one of the best things that ever came out of blogging. Through blogging we became friends. She is a great friend, always supportive right when I need her to be.
// Juliana is also a good friend. She also happens to be a full time student busy with her work, with writing a travel blog and a an opinion blog, and busy having fun in Rio de Janeiro. At one point when I was majorly freaking out about some blog hiccups she quickly came to my aid. She kindda comes to my aid a lot.
// Gail Pomare is my trusty photographer. Not only did she take the picture of me eating cotton candy (see my twitter avatar, facebook profile, etc) that I love, she also took a bunch of pictures for me this week mainly of screen shots to show me what the template looked like in different browsers. Super helpful.

And here is what I put up on the blog this week,

// Birthday platters because they can really brighten up a little party
// A classic Enzo shot captured a couple months ago by Ben from You Fed a Baby Chili
// Who gives away water on their blog? I do! This is no ordinary water and yes you can still enter the giveaway
// A recipe for basic dinner rolls
// A kitchen bull I would gladly own
// A Spice Islands giveaway which I just posted today

Also, a lot of people have been emailing me to see pictures of our house in Bahia. Today I uploaded some on my Facebook page. As you can see the house is full of big windows. We've caught some people staring at our house and yesterday we finally figured out why, prior to this place being our home it used to be a nude hostel. I know!

Have a fun weekend my friends.

{images adapted from here}


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