Birthday Platters

posted on: Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Maria's birthday was great. I made a bolo gelado which translates to cold cake. I've never seen cold cake in the US before so maybe you're not familiar with it. When I was little bolo gelado was the trend for birthday parties. I have to say I felt kind of old making it for my daughter but I enjoyed eating it just as much as when I was 5 years old. Basically, it's a great cake to serve at parties because it minimizes messes. It's a very moist cake that you drench in milk and coconut milk and then you cut it into squares and wrap it in tin foil. When it's time to eat you just unwrap the foil and use the foil to hold your piece of cake, basically mess free.

The whole time I was making the cake I was wishing I had a pretty platter to serve the wrapped slices on. Particularly I wish I had these pretty platters from the cute esty shop Ampersand. How cute is that bunting platter?

Ampersand is a two women shop based out of Kansas. Carrie and Morgan are graphic designers and good friends, what a great combo. I not only love their platters I also love their prints. Their shop is filled with nostalgia and color and the best part is that they have a killer blog.

What would you serve on top of that bike platter? I'm thinking mini sandwiches, what about you?


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