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posted on: Friday, September 16, 2011

{image adapted from Inspiring the Everyday}

This has been a busy week. We're finally all moved in, though we still need benches for our big table, right now we only have two chairs for a table that is 7 feet long. Comical! I'm also doing some housekeeping stuff on my template. I've been working with Ana and Erin and I'm excited to launch the new and improved Kitchen Corners. Coming soon, I promise. Have I told you how slow our internet connection is? I haven't because by the time I'm done typing the connection has dropped. No joke. O.K fine it's not that bad, and when it is I just close the computer and head to the beach. So really, it's not that bad.

And when the internet connection is good I do this; I write and I read. Here are some posts I read this week that I loved.

// Coconut Panna Cotta
// Pretzel Rolls
// Back To School Dinner
// Apple Tarte
// Fig, Coconut, and Blackberry Ice Cream

and here are some things I wrote this week that I hope you enjoyed.

// A birthday post for my baby girl
// A pulled pork fried rice recipe that I finally got around to posting and now I'm craving
// Southern Living just came out with a home decorating book which I'm giving away and which you can still enter to win.
// My dream garden.
// A list of LEIF products I want.
// And another giveaway which you can still enter, perfect for parents interested in the topic of school lunch.

Anything you've read or published this week that you'd like to share? Feel free to put links in the comment section and I'll be happy to check it out.

Have a lovely weekend my friends.


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