posted on: Monday, September 12, 2011

Recently I've gone on a little shopping spree. It happens when you move to another continent taking with you only things that fit in a suitcase. I've bought some cool metal jugs and bowls, fun wooden spoons, a kitchen rug, and of couse a new pressure cooker. I'll have to show you my finds soon. In fact I have to show you the handmade kitchen things I'm tempted to buy, like the carved cutting boards, and the cool fruit baskets that are way to bulky for me to take back with me when I leave in a year.

However, had I moved to Brookly, NY I would've hit up LEIF. Oh yes I would've. This earthware colander, for example is definitely something I would buy. I'm a sucker for colanders. LEIF has the kind of stuff I like. In fact I'm tempted to paint some cast bottles and use them as vases. I need some vases.

What kind of fun things do you like to have in your kitchen?

Image Source
// Batik Bowl with Handle
// Fluoro Bread Basket
// Cast Bottles
// Branch Tea Spoon


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