Baby girl's Birthday

posted on: Friday, September 16, 2011

Tomorrow Baby Maria turns 2. Yesterday I told her how we got a fancy dinner when she was born. For some reason she thinks the whole story telling is funny and she just laughs and laughs. I wonder how much she actually understands. Probably not much at all but the fun part is that she enjoys the process none-the-less and at the end of my story she said  "thank you mommy."

I can go on and on about my Baby Maria and how having her as a daughter has made me happy in ways I didn't even knew were possible. I love her. I love her so much sometimes I wake her up in the middle of the night and put her in my bed just so I can snuggle her and the best part is that she always snuggles back.

Tomorrow is her birthday and we're having a very low key gathering with cake and pop, that's it. I was feeling a little guilty because I have always thrown elaborate parties for her brother, but haven't done anything elaborate for her. But I think it's o.k because Baby Maria is a simple girl with simple tastes.

Last year we were also in Bahia for her birthday. We were vacationing here for 3 weeks. We didn't know anyone except the owner of the vacation rental and her family so we invited them and her maid over for some cake. Before having cake Christian, Enzo, Maria and I went out to dinner and right there at the restaurant she made a new friend. That's the thing I love about my daughter, she makes friends. She loves people and people love her, in an instant she has friends left and right. So the little girl, and the parents, and the grandma came to our tiny vacation rental and we had cake and pop, sang her a song, and played with balloons. It was actually pretty perfect.

Two weeks ago, before we left Sao Paulo, my mom's maid threw Baby Maria a surprise party. She made Maria a beautiful strawberry shortcake themed cake, with passion fruit mousse as the filling. She also made tons of salgadinhos and before we knew it we had a full on party. Baby Maria spent most of her party playing with the kids outside and when it was time to go sing Happy Birthday she had already made three new friends which we invited up for some cake.

Can I just say that the little boy on the left always has a soccer shirt on and he always has these cute little soccer shorts on that are a couple sizes too small for him.

Ok, here he is again.

Today I'm making a cake and tomorrow we'll share it with some new friends. There is a boy who rides his bike at night and makes litte birds out of banana tree leaves to sell to tourists. When ever he sees Baby Maria he makes her a little gift. And whenever she sees him she opens up a great big smile. We invited him over tomorrow for some cake. He said as a gift he'll bring some of his friends over to meet Baby Maria. Honestly, I don't think there is anything else she could ask for.


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