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posted on: Friday, September 9, 2011

A little update on our Brazil situation and then a list of some of my favorite posts from the week. First and foremost we have moved into our rental. It's my dream [beat-up] house. I love all the wood and glass. I love the tall ceilings and the loft. I love that we're a short walk from the beach and I love, love, love our balcony and the fact that there is no carpet for me to vacum every time the kids eat. Sweeping is much nicer. I don't love that we didn't have water for 2 days (it's now back thankfully), I don't love that the walls could use a fresh coat of paint, and I don't love that the fridge is being funny, I would much rather my fridge not have a sense of humor. But aside from that I think we found ourselves a good place to live and the best part is that we have monkeys as neighbors.

After being cooped up in Sao Paulo with a TV for entertainment I thought my kids would have some serious TV withdrawals but as you can see Baby Maria is happily entertained watching the monkeys all day.

And Enzo is happily entertained feeding the monkeys bananas, probably a habit we'll have to break soon but for now we're allowing ourselves to relax a little bit and just enjoy where we're at.

And here are some things I've enjoyed via web.

// The prettiest cake spread ever.
// A DIY Solar Mason Jars tutorial I would love to make.
// A picture of The Meatball Shop Cookbook cover.
// This simple recipe for sparkling limeaid is exactly what I want to cool off.
// A dreamy kitchen, I love looking at dreamy kitchens.
// Getting updated on one of my favorite blog girls ever, little Elsa, and smiling because her parents make the best food possible. Doesn't this miso noodle soup look amazing?

How was your week?
Any fun reads lately?


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