5 Food Gifts for the Holidays

posted on: Monday, November 28, 2011

Every Monday from now until Christmas, I'll be posting a quick gift guide to some of my favorite food related finds. This Monday lets talk food. I'm a big fan of giving food for obvious reasons such as the delicious factor, the no clutter factor, and the delicious factor again. Giving food is basically a win. Here are 5 shops I love and products I recommend.

What: S'mores Kit
From: Matchbox Kitchen
Perfect For: Anyone. Maybe not kids because of the skewers and because they would need help assembling it. But definitely teenagers and adults alike.
Cost: $10

What: Aunt Else's Gluten Free Aebleskiver Mix
From: Aunt Else's Aebleskiver
Perfect For: Your friend who eats a gluten free diet.
Cost: $12.99

What: Pickled Beets
Perfect For: Your aunt who loves canning. Or your hipster friend who knows nothing about canning but likes the idea of canning.
Cost: $8

What: Bacon Spread Variety Pack
From: Skillet
Perfect For: Meat lovers, so basically a good 90% of the people you know, also a total dude gift so if you drew you brother-in-law's name for Secret Santa then this would be a totally appropriate gift.
Cost: $39.99

What: Crispy Coconut Kaffir Lime Dessert Bar
From: Ginger Elizabeth
Perfect For: The person who gives you love and affection, and do them a favor let them eat it all by themselves. There's nothing worse than getting delicious chocolate and having to share.
Cost: $6.50

What about you, do you like giving food as a gift and if so do you have any favorite shops you buy from? Do share.


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