Hello Weekend!

posted on: Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi friends,
if you still have Thanksgiving leftovers raise your hands. We still have some too. Thursday was crazy cooking day and then Friday and today were crazy lazy days. Yesterday Enzo had a cultural fair at his school and today we hung out with friends who are in town. Our friends rented a house with a pool and Enzo and Maria never wanted to leave. Pool are so awesome, they totally make my kids hungry and tiered and when they're hungry they'll eat anything and when they're tiered they're down and out fast. Today was a good day. This week was a good week.

Since we're on the topic of good things I wanted to share some good finds from the week:

// Sweet Paul Winter 2011 edition. I was anxiously waiting for this for months and then when it finally came out I was too busy to read it. Today I had some time to look over it and of couse it's fantastic to the core.
// Doesn't everyone re-heat pizza this way?
// I never thought I'd say this but this McDonalds is gorgeous.
// Loved this interview with Donna Hay
// This has got to be the most useful hi-tech kitchen gadget ever.
// Beautifully set tables make me happy.
// If you're thinking of making a gift for a little foodie I think these fabric cookies would be a real treat.


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