When in the Tropics have a Tropical Thanksgiving

posted on: Thursday, November 24, 2011

We tried to figure out a way to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but it just ain't gonna happen. Sometimes the hardest part about moving is letting go, and since I'm not that attached to turkey it wasn't even that hard to let go of the idea of eating a massive bird.

But it was hard letting go of wanting to eat Grandma Mimi's pomegranate salad, and the ham that aunt Shelly always gets because she's just nice that way, and the baked goat cheese with olives that only cousin Rainbo knows how to make. I wish I could somehow instantly transport myself to Martinez, California with Christian and the kids so we could be with family that we love and miss so much. I would make the mashed potatoes and gravy, Christian would make the bread, and the kids would jump in the trampoline, or as Enzo calls it the jumpoline, with their cousins. After dinner, a good scrabble game, and a bag full of left overs were packed for us, we would instantly transport ourselves back to the tropics.

Dreaming is good but living in the present is better, so I've decided to just embrace this day. Who cares that no one else in the town is celebrating Thanksgiving? And who cares that instead of roasting a turkey we'll be roasting a fish. I'm actually really excited about the fish, it was caught earlier this morning. I'm also excited that I get to spend Thanksgiving with my sweet friend from High-School, Thais Silva, who's vacationing here for 2 weeks with her Italian husband and her half Italian baby girl. I'm pretty convinced that I need to learn Italian. I'm not sure what her husband is saying but it all sounds beautiful. Yesterday at the beach he turned to her and said something that sounded so romantic I got chills up my spine, I asked her what he said and it turns out he was just telling her to not forget her flip-flops and to please rinse off the baby so they wouldn't get sand in the Taxi. I'm happy I get to spend Thanksgiving with them and with my own husband and kids.

Our Thanksgiving menu looks a bit different this year.

// Instead of turkey we're having fish
// Instead of pomegranate salad we're having green papaya salad
// Instead of cranberry sauce we're having passion fruit sauce
// Instead of rolls we're having pao de queijo 
// Instead of mashed potatoes with sour cream we're having mashed potatoes with table cream
// Instead of pies we're having pies. That's right we're having this, and this, and this pie. Somethings you just can't give up.


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