Açai on the Beach

posted on: Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm raising beach bums. Baby Maria wakes up and asks "beach?" It doesn't matter if we go to the beach 3 times a day she's never beached-out.

Enzo on the other hand hates leaving the house. If he had it his way he would never leave the house. But then... when he does leave the house he's totally content and has a great time. Is this a 5 year old thing? I don't really get it.

Two children raised by the same parents with totally different personalities. What else is knew?

One of the things they have in common is the munchies. Does it matter if I feed them a huge breakfast before we go to the beach? No. About 20 minutes of running around and digging in the sand and swimming is enough to make them hungry. Oh, another thing they totally have in common is their hunger-mood, the funk they feel when they're hungry. They get that from me.

Knowing this I come prepared, prepared with our metal cups from home so the guy who sells Açai on the beach can fill them up with frozen Açai, granola, bananas, and honey.

A cup of one of these and we're good to go for another couple hours, building sand castles, making sand forts, swimming, pretend swimming, surfing, pretend surfing ...


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