Hello Weekend!

posted on: Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hi friends how was your week? Mine was full and then some. We have a long weekend due to a Holiday on Tuesday. That means Enzo doesn't go back to school until Wednesday. I'm looking forward to some quality snuggle time with my family. This week was emotionally charged. Did I tell you we're trying to adopt a child while we're here in Brazil? Did I tell you how complicated it is? Oh boy.

On a lighter note

// I think these women plates are fabulous. Black and white plates on a blue and white wall, what could be more simple and more pleasing to the eyes than that?
// This is what I think my kids are getting for Christmas. I'm intrigued by the idea of Rescue Gifts. Have you ever done something like this before?
// On Wednesday The Guardian is hosting a live discussion on the role of business in creating sustainable food systems. Shall we tune in and see what our friends in the UK have to say about sustainable foods?
// Have you heard of Cafe Nordo a place where food and theater comes together. Seattle is so cool.
// Portland is cool too, like so cool. Portland already has tool libraries where you can borrow a power drill for example. Now they're creating a kitchen tool library where you can go and borrow a bread maker. Love it.
// This is the Season for food drives. If you're organizing one in your are and you need a poster to get the word out, then use this one. It's well designed, it gets the message out, and you can customize it.

Have a fun weekend my friends.
I hope you get some good snuggle time with those you love.


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