Kitchen Gear for Traveling Around the World

posted on: Friday, November 11, 2011

Please tell me you've planned an around the world trip before. Please tell me you've planned many. I love to dream big and because I love to travel my dreams often include traveling. In my heart and in my mind I've planned many around the world trips. Actually, planning is not the right word because planning requires a lot of time and a lot of dedication as I learned these past two days with Martin and Julie from Global Mobile Family.

Ever since Moses (5 yrs.) was born Martin and Julie started planning their around the world trip. This energetic couple from Germany and England decided that before Moses started school at the age of 6 they were going to spend some serious family time together and travel around the world on their bikes. In the last 5 years Martin and Julie have added 3 more children to their family, Caspar (4 yrs.), Tirus (2 yrs.), and Herbie (1 yr). Now the 6 of them are traveling the world via bikes and planes and this past week they came to Itacare Bahia Brazil, where we had the opportunity to host them.

Today our new friends left, they're biking 55km this afternoon and then some more the next day and making their way to Salvador Bahia where in a couple of weeks they fly to Australia to continue their trip. Their route is amazing. Their story is amazing. So, what does it take to get to the point where you feel comfortable taking 4 small children around the world for the space of 14 months? First it takes a killer personality, both of wich Martin and Julie have in abundance.

It also takes planning.
Real Planning.

The type of planning where you save money for years and then you figure out what equipement you need, like really need, and then you get sponsorship. And then, then you make it happen because with an open mind you can make anything happen. I really believe this.

Guess how stoked Enzo and Maria were to have 4 new friends sleeping over? Enzo and Moses kept taking pictures of each other on their iPods. Enzo showed his new friends his favorite beach and Moses showed Enzo his favorite games on the iPod.

And Marin and Julie showed me their kitchen gear because what on earth do you take with you on a trip around the world where you have to lug it on your bike?

Here is the list

// sponge
// gloves
// multi fuel stove
// mobile pack sink
// water bag
// small plastic cutting board
// a small gas container
// 3 camping saucepans, the biggest is 3 liters
// ikea plastic cups
// 1 thermos
// ziplock bags
// sea to summit silverware
// ikea tongs, ladle, spatula
// water bottles
// bib
// baby food mill
// 600ml Tupperware bowls for eating.

And guess which of their kitchen gear they're most happy with? The Tupperware bowls and the mobile pack sink. Martin said that they were trying to decide on camping bowls that would be durable yet light. They thought about collapsable bowls but knew that with kids it would of been a disaster, so they went for the tuppaware instead and they're glad they did. Plus cutie Herbie likes to play with them, win win. As for the mobile pack sink Martin said it's perfect, it's the one equipment he wouldn't even try to improve.

If you're dreaming /thinking about/ or actually planning a trip around the world with your kids I say do it. And take me with! Did you know that I was trying to convince Christian that we should drive our Subaru from California down to Brazil? It didn't happen, obviously, but now we're seriously thinking of driving around South America before we return home to California next year.

What do you think, should we do it? Would you do it?


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