Iemanja's Birthday

posted on: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I took these pictures in the beginning of February. It was Iemanja's, the goddess of the sea, birthday and people were celebrating. I went with Christian and the kids to dance a little and shoot some pictures. It was a nice afternoon.

I need to remember that nice afternoons happened.

I've been in the worst funk. Lately I haven't been liking Itacare very much. I just want to leave. It's partly because of the absurd heat but really it's about me feeling so sick. I don't leave the house for days. In fact most days I just lay on my bed or on the hammock.

When you're in a rut it's easy to feel like you've always been in a rut. Right now I'm mad at Itacare because it's so hot, so smelly, and the heat and the smell is driving me insane.

Pregnancy is tricky. You're so excited and so happy about the new addition and at the same time you're so tired and so nauseas and if you're me you're so weak and so dizzy it makes you loose your mind. I know there are women out there who have it worse to the point where they're hospitalized because they throw up so much. If that happened to me I would never have any kids. Good thing God knows how heavy a load we can carry.

We bought our tickets back to California. We leave in August. It's still a ways away and even though I'm thrilled to be leaving I know that once I start feeling better and enjoying myself again I'm going to really miss this place.


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