Easter in Bahia

posted on: Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I know that by now you've probably moved on to the next Holiday which is .... ? For us it's May 1st.  What I've noticed is that in the U.S people really look forward to the next big Holiday by stocking up the stores with decorations months in advance. Here, decorations are kept to a minimum. It's really all about stocking up on beer and music and hitting up relatives that live on the beach so you can escape the city life.

Last week we had some friends/relatives come visit us. Christian's twin's wife's brother and his family came to visit. So my sister-in-law's brother came to visit and in Brazil that's considered family. In fact there is even a term for it it's called concunhado. Is there a term for it in English too? I couldn't figure it out.

For the record Ben, my concunhado did not bring beer or loud music. I just mentioned that because that's what it seems like everyone else does to prepare for a a long weekend here. Ben only brought good things - his wife Yuki, his three kids, and his mom. We like Ben and his family a lot. We used to hang out with them when we lived in MA and they lived in NYC. In fact, they came and hung out with us in MA when Enzo was a newborn. It was his first Easter. Six years later and we've added 3 1/2 more kids between the two families.

Our guests were easy, fun, and so adventurous. Their kids eat everything. No joke. The word on the street is that French parents know what's up but after seeing Yuki, Japanese, with her kids I want to send my kids to intern at her house so they'll eat raw oysters and sea urchins.

Our Easter week was filled with beach and waterfall trips (I only went on a few, I'm still feeling more sick than not), a lot of sea food, fruit juices (I think cacau juice mostly), kids playing, capoeira, good conversations, hard boiled eggs, chocolate eggs, and good memories.

How was your Easter? Were you able to share it friends and family?


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