Happy Mother's Day

posted on: Sunday, May 13, 2012

Excuse my French but Christian is a total badass. He made croissants from scratch and served up a super delish breakfast. He takes Mother's Day seriously.

He wrote me a card, gave me coupons, and is waiting patiently so he can talk to his mom in Hawaii. Because of the 7 hour time difference we'll probably only be able to talk to her later tonight. Also, because of the time difference I figured most of you are still asleep, which gives me plenty of time to write this post and wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

I love being a mother to the little person pictured below, and to my medium person, and also to my apple sized fetus. And before being a mother I loved being an aunt to my nephew Bruno and to Christian's nieces and nephews.

I love being a mother. I love homeschooling Enzo. I love teaching them how to cook. I love reading the scriptures with them and sharing my testimony of the Savior in small but significant ways. I also love going to my mother's house and having them watch cartoons on my mom's T.V for hours and hours and hours with her and my grandma while I relax in the other room re-reading something silly like Breaking Dawn. I like taking my kids to the museum and other cultural events. I am also excited to take them to Disney this Summer. 

When I was pregnant with Enzo I had the opportunity to meet Winona LaDuke, a Native American Environmental activist. I asked her opinion on something I was worried about. My friends were throwing me a babyshower and I didn't want any plastic toys as gifts. I also wanted all the baby clothes to be organic cotton. And I definitely did not want anyone to give me pacifiers (something I was totally against, and then of course ended up using with Enzo and wished Maria would of used too). Ms. LaDuke kindly replied "Do not be a politically correct island unto yourself, otherwise you'll end up very lonely." She was right. And if I have one one advice to give to new mothers it is to not be lonely. Surround yourself with friends, with other mothers, with fathers, with a diverse community that will respect you and will love your kids. Your kids will be made better for it and motherhood will be a lot easier. 

You know the saying "Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff" well, a lot of parenting is small stuff. Seriously, don't sweat it.

I also want to wish a happy Mother's Day to women in general. We've been lucky having our friend Juliana living with us since February. She's so kind to Enzo and Maria and has helped mother them while I was too nauseous to even get out of bed. And like Juliana we've been lucky to have other wonderful women in my children's lives who've been good examples to them and at some point or another have mothered them. 

Oh, and of couse a special shout out to my Christian, who not only makes a killer breakfast but also makes cute kids with me. Being a mother is very rewarding when you have the chance to share the joys and the burdens with someone else.


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