Kiwi Crate

posted on: Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have yet to meet a child that doesn't love hands on projects. That's why I am so intrigued by Kiwi Crate, a subscription service that delivers curated "crates" with all the tools and materials needed for a variety of of age-appropriate projects. Kiwi Crate is designed for kids ages 3-7. In other words I think both Maria and Enzo would love it. I think the garden project, for example, would be a lot of fun.

Because I homeschool I tend to spend a lot of time online getting ideas for projects I'd like to do with the kids. However, most of the time I just end up giving them a big roll of white paper, paint, crayons, and let them make their own projects.

What about you, is Kiwi Crate something your kids would enjoy?


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