Take Out Flowers

posted on: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One of the bestest things about being back in California are the flowers. We did not have one single flower shop where we lived in Bahia. That was sad, though we did get to see a lot of green since we lived in the middle of the Atlantic Rain Forest so don't pity me too much.

But flowers, man I love flowers. I try to have fresh flowers in my home all the time.

These take out flowers makes me all kinds of happy. I'm now getting ideas for picnics and future birthday parties, for baby shower decorations and gifts my kids can make. I love how flowers have that special power to inspire new ideas.

Do you like having fresh flowers at home?

random fact: Christian wanted to be a Botanist for a long time. He also really likes flowers, he never complains when I buy fresh flowers and buys me flowers often, not just on special occasions. We're thinking of botanical names for our next baby. Do you have any suggestions?


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