Still Thankful

posted on: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Unfortunately my kids got the unphotogenic gene from me, but I promise he's happy in this picture.

Every Thanksgiving we drive up to Martinez to hang out with Christian's aunt Shelly, his uncle Steve, and a bunch of other awesome family who live in Northern California and the Bay Area. Christian has lots of cousins, and I swear I have to yet meet one that I don't like.

While the adults were busy getting food ready Enzo and Maria were keeping themselves entertained. During the evening Enzo found a piece of string he liked and was playing with it. When it was time to go home he couldn't find the string and was really upset. I wanted to just get everyone in the car and not deal with lost string drama. Christian's cousin Jake (father of 7 kids), could tell I was getting frustrated and turned to Enzo and promised him that he would look for the string. A couple days later Enzo received an envelope in the mail, inside was the string and a card signed by everyone who had stayed at Shelly and Steve's house, telling Enzo that they loved him. This is the kind of stuff Christian's family does. I mean, how can you not be Thankful for that?!

November was definitely a month of gratitude for our little family. On the first of the month we welcomed Baby Eliza to our fold. It has not been easy recovering from my emergency c-section, but I am alive! Eliza is alive! The more I read over the medical records of what happened that day and the more I talk to different professionals the more I realize that we were dang lucky. And then there were ALL the people who quickly jumped to our aid, too many to name, but to give you an idea I did not have to cook a single meal the entire month of November. We had dinners brought to us daily. We had friends picking up and dropping off our kids at school, and then taking them on play dates. We have been diligently cared for from our church community, our neighbors, our friends, and our family.

This Thanksgiving was an extra special one for us.
We had much to be thankful for, and the food was also mighty fine!


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