Honey Dessert Recipes

posted on: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christian and I were arguing yesterday about honey. I think honey is better for you. He says, no way it's just like refined sugar. Calorie wise he's probably right. And since we're off sugar (minus 1 cheat dessert on Sundays), so that I can shed this baby weight, I really should put the argument to rest.

But honey is sooooo much better than sugar ...

If you're looking for yummy honey treats, look no further these are as yummy as they come
// Perfect Lemon and Coconut Bars via Green Kitchen Stories
// Pecan-Honey Cookies {in the raw} via Eliza Domestica
// Vanilla Walnut Shortbread via Shutterbean

Also, have you ever had Honey Bites? Crazy good!


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