Let's Talk About: Vine App

posted on: Monday, January 28, 2013

The word on the street is that there's a new addictive social media App in town. Think Instagram for video. Now think Twitter. Vine allows you to make 6 second videos, and share them with your friends and strangers. Yes, strangers, lots and lots of strangers. Twitter has a reputation for being overly permissive. So before you run off to download the newest distraction keep in mind that, unlike Instagram, you can't keep the lurkers out. If you're into having a private account, Vine is not for you, at least not for now.

And like any newborn app Vine has a few little things (if it takes me only 6 seconds to watch why does it take so long to load?) and a few big things (apparently you can film a porn video in 6 seconds flat) to iron out.

Curious? Here's what it looks like.

The reason why Vine is different from other video sharing Instagram-wannabes is that you can put short clips together, like this,

And comment and watch other people's videos via twitter.
So what do you think, tempted to join?

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