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posted on: Friday, January 18, 2013

I know I'm going to regret this, blogging at 11:55pm, but I just haven't blogged in so long and I did just take a little cat nap with the baby on the couch while Christian worked on our taxes. The plan was to work on our taxes together, sort of like a date night minus any romance. But the baby needed me, so I went to her and nursed and fell asleep. I woke up just in time to convince Christian to not leave the house in the dead of night to print documents at the computer lab up the street. Seriously, he can just do it tomorrow. Just like I can blog tomorrow (maybe). I know the feeling of wanting to get things done, that feeling defies all reason.

There are some pretty exciting things happening around here, for example baby may or may not have started sucking her thumb. She's been practicing for a couple of weeks now and as of two hours ago it seems like she finally succeeded. Yes, we do want her to suck her thumb. Yes, we do realize we'll have thousands of dollars to pay for this in the future when she needs braces. But hey, I've always wanted braces myself so maybe Eliza and I can be twinners some day.

The other day I saw a Pinterest idea that I immediately wanted to do. It's mommy-son date nights. The boy dresses up and the mom dresses up. The whole purpose of the date night is for mom to teach boy how to be a gentleman. I thought it was a great idea for 2 seconds and then a total crap idea after that. My boy is 6, does he really need to wear a dress shirt, which he hates, and go out with me and have me nagging him about how to treat a lady?

That same day he came home with a bouquet for me. However, I was too busy being on Pinterest looking up ideas on how to raise my son that I didn't even notice the nice gesture. Just kidding, though I could totally see myself doing something insensible like that. Actually, I've been pretty proud of myself these days, I've had some good parenting moments. Enzo wants to play Monopoly every single day, and after our last Monopoly game that lasted 5 hours I told him to jump in the lake. Maria wants me to play Candy Land with her every single day and I told her to jump in the lake and she told me to jump in the lake because she's a total answer-backer.

So I established a mommy-kid time. For 20 minutes each they get my undivided attention. No phone (I know!), no distractions, just me and the kid doing whatever it is they want. Enzo and I play Monopoly for 20 minutes each day and then continue our game the next day for another 20 minutes. Hopefully we'll finish in a month or so. Maria and I play Candy Land, it usually takes us a good 20 minutes to finish a game. Today she was one card away from winning but when the timer when off she just closed the board and was totally content that we had played. I also do 20 minutes mommy-Eliza time which isn't entirely fair because we get a lot of mommy-baby time with nursing and because she hates to be put down. But still, it's nice to set a timer and just play with her for 20 minutes without the other two kids interrupting us.

Other than parenting I've also been working, and because my work revolves around the internet here are some goodies I found to share.

// Valentine's Day on the Cheap
// this print
// I'm going off sugar for a year minus once cheat dessert a week. This will be my cheat dessert for this week.
// I'm back working with Glam Media and part of my job description is to manage some Pinterest accounts (yes, my job is dreamy). So if you are not already following please follow Bliss by Glam and Foodie by Glam on Pinterest. I'm working on some fun Valentine's Day boards. If you have any suggestions on boards or people I should follow please share.

Happy weekend.


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